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Phonecalls not possible on the entire infrastructure

Begon op
18 november 2022 om 08:12
Opgelost na ongeveer 5 uur


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Inbound calls
Outbound calls
  • Opgelost
    18 november 2022 om 13:36

    Issue seems to be resolved and all calls are finding their way again.

  • Monitoring
    18 november 2022 om 08:33

    We have routed all our traffic over another trunk and calls seem to be working now.

  • Geïdentificeerd
    18 november 2022 om 08:18

    There seems to be a major issue with our carrier making incoming and outgoing phonecalls impossible.

  • Onderzoeken
    18 november 2022 om 08:12

    We are currently investigating this incident.